ballet, jazz, tap and modern dance photos


  1. Be an active and respectful student of Rockport Dance Academy.
    1. Being a student of Rockport Dance Academy you must respect your fellow classmates, promote creativity, work hard and have fun.
    2. Share ideas respectfully, you input is welcome, but be wary of hurting feelings.
  1. Tuition must be paid in a timely manner.
    1. Tuition must be paid the first of each month (September-June).
    2. Checks should be made payable to Rockport Dance Academy, LLC.
    3. If accounts are paid after the tenth of the month, there will be a $25.00 late fee applied to the account balance.
    4. There is a $25.00 returned check charge for any checks returned by the bank.
    5. Rockport Dance Academy requires two weeks written notice for students resigning from the studio.
  1. Attendance is critical.
    1. This rule applies to practices, dress rehearsals, and recitals.
    2. There are certain exceptions to this rule talked about with the instructor personally.
    3. Students are responsible for learning the material from missed classes.  Instructors are available during off hours for assistance.
    4. If the Rockport/Gloucester public schools are closed due to inclement weather, Rockport Dance Academy will be closed. Call the studio if you are uncertain whether or not we are open.
    5. Cancelled classes will be made up at a later date.
  1. Be on time.
    1. “On time” means being dressed, having hair pulled back out of your face, being focused and ready to warm-up. Essentially, on time implies being prepared, as well as present.  This rule also includes bringing all necessary supplies to practices (i.e. Dance shoes). 
  1. Pay attention to the dress code.
    1. Please wear form-fitting, professional-looking dance attire that will simplify he process of perfecting dance steps and routines.
    2. Girls, 3-5 years: Leotard and tights (any style or color).
    3. Girls, 6 years and up: Must wear solid-color tights and leotard.  Students, however, may cover up leotard and tights with form-fitting dance attire (i.e. yoga pants, tanks, shorts, etc.).
    4. Boys, all ages: T-shirts and shorts or warm-up/jazz pants.
    5. Class appropriate footwear include:
      1. Ballet – Ballet shoes (Girls: Pink, Boys: Black)
      2. Jazz – Black jazz shoes (no shoelaces)
      3. Tap – Black tap shoes (with shoelaces)
      4. Modern –  Tan foot undies
      5. Hip Hop – Street sneakers and knee pads
    1. No bare-midriff tops.
    2. No dangling jewelry or watches.
    3. Hair must be pulled back and out of eyes.
    4. Pay attention to special instructions in case the teacher asks that students wear black attire or certain costumes for important practices or rehearsals.
  1. Zero toleration for drugs, alcohol, or criminal violations.
    1. The possession or consumption, or being demonstrably under the influence of any form of drug and/or alcohol by any student of Rockport Dance Academy at any time is forbidden and shall be cause for disciplinary action.
    2. Any student who shall commit theft, assault, acts of forgery, possession of firearms, or any other act which is punishable as a gross misdemeanor or a felony under the laws of the state of Massachusetts shall be subject to disciplinary action.
  1. Class rules are to be followed at all times.
    1. Parents are permitted to observe the 3-5 year old classes ONLY.  Due to limited space, this is the only age level where parent observers are welcome.  Please contact the studio with any further questions or concerns.
    2. All cell phones should be turned to vibrate mode in the studio (both parents and students). Cell phones may be used in another area or outside the building.
    3. Do not wear dance shoes outside.  Change them at the studio.  This will keep your shoes clean and in good condition, and protect the studio dance floor.
    4. No street shoes on the studio dance floor except for Hip Hop.  On wet days, change your shoes in the waiting area.
    5. No gum, candy, food, smoking are allowed.  Bottled water is the only drink allowed.
  1. Dance Recital rules are to be followed.
    1. Costumes for the June recital will be ordered in January.
    2. Recital costume payment plan: A $30.00 per student per class deposit is required in January. The balance is due in April.
      The balance is due in April.
    3. Recital is held in June at a local auditorium.